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Our lawyers have collected millions of dollars in back wages for clients who have been wrongly denied overtime pay. We represent both individuals and classes (groups of employees with similar claims) in litigation to recover back pay. These include cases where employers underpay or refuse to pay wages, and cases where employers misclassify employees as exempt from overtime when they entitled to overtime pay based upon their actual job duties. If you have questions about how you are being paid, we would be happy to talk to you confidentially.

Mortgage Brokers are often told they are "exempt" from overtime and required to work long hours without additional pay. However, recent Court decisions and guidance from the Department of Labor indicate that they this may not be correct. If you are working long hours without overtime pay contact our offices to discuss whether you have a pay claim.


The principals of Meizlish & Grayson, Bruce H. Meizlish and Deborah R. Grayson, recognize that each client of the firm presents unique challenges and opportunities - not only for the client but also for the firm. Simply stated, the underlying philosophy of Meizlish & Grayson is that at its highest, best and most effective form, the practice of law represents a combination of the lawyers' creative energy and devotion to the service of the client. This philosophy has served clients well, be they individuals, groups or associations in the public or private sector.


USA Today recently reported that complaints of wage theft have risen as the economy has tumbled. Allegations range from under-payments to not getting paid at all. The report states that “Employers are desperate to shave corners when their profits are down and some are just greedy.” If you believe that you have not been paid properly, contact our offices for a review of your situation.